Listen. Learn. Grow.

This is where the rubber hits the road: you’re in theatre, about to make your incision. The patient’s life is in your hands, but are you as prepared as you can be?

Let’s be honest - the only way to become a great surgeon is to get your hands dirty. Along the way you’ll learn a few things that you can’t learn from a textbook. Take the Vet Vault surgery podcast with you wherever you go to listen to our very own surgery specialist, Dr Bronwyn Fullagar, and her team of specialist colleagues share their hard-earned tips and insights gained through years of training, trial and error to make sure you get the best possible outcomes for your patients. 
Who knows, we might even help you avoid those 2 or 3 days of anxiety after a big surgery!

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About our co-host: 
Dr. Bronwyn Fullagar is a specialist small animal surgeon based in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Bronwyn grew up in Brisbane, Australia and earned her veterinary degree from the University of Queensland in 2007. After a few years in mixed and small animal practice, she moved to Calgary for a rotating internship, then to the Ohio State University to complete a residency in small animal surgery. She returned to Canada and was awarded Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons in 2016.
Since then, Bronwyn has worked as a specialist small animal surgeon in Canada, Australia and the United States, and has volunteered as a surgical instructor for World Vets and the Worldwide Veterinary Service. She enjoys challenging soft tissue surgery cases and she loves to share her enthusiasm for surgery, helping veterinary students and practicing vets to boost their expertise and confidence. When she’s not in the clinic, you can find her in the mountains, trail running with her dog, mountain biking or backcountry skiing. 

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